Next Term Begins on January 25th

This term is the popular Tickleodm's got Talent Show Case

Tickledom Theatre school was established in 2006 and has a long reputation of providing quality teaching to children from the age of 5. Teachers have included a number of West End performers and musical directors.

Classes take place on Saturday Mornings from 10 am until 12 pm. Children learn a combination of acting, dance and singing in an exciting stimulating environment. Classes are fun and we provide energising activities to help develop their skills and confidence. We acknowledge that everyone is unique and try to provide something for everyone. 

Venue: Hornsey School for Girls

Inderwick Road

Crouch End

N8 7JF

We work towards putting on an end of term performance which encourages our young people to work together as a group and develop their interpersonal skills. We encourage children to have lots of input into the shows and increase their creativity



This terms the kids have a chance to showcase their skills and talents and perform at our Tickledom 's Got Talent final performance on 28th March